Restored Church was Jesus’ plan well before it was our idea. Preceding God speaking the earth into existence, He planned on saving men and women through a local church in the San Fernando Valley called Restored and it was this plan that He planted in the heart of Brad and Sarah Sarian. In October 2015, Brad and Sarah moved from San Diego (where they had helped plant two Restored Churches from 2012-2015 with Paul and Nicole Pham) back to The Valley where they both grew up. In November, they started the first Gospel Community in their living room and Sunday gatherings in their backyard with a team of about 30 people.

After a month of gathering in the Sarian’s backyard, we moved to the upstairs library at Heritage Christian School in North Hills and preached through the book of Galatians and prayed the Spirit would lay a deep Gospel foundation in the hearts of the men and women on our launch team. By God’s grace, men and women were continually seeing Jesus and the work that was accomplished through His life, death, and resurrection as more beautiful than ever before and applicable to their current circumstances in life. It was this good news of being adopted into God’s family through the finished work of Jesus that started Restored Church and it is this good news that would continue fueling Restored Church. Our prayer since the beginning has been that we would be a church that never moves on from Jesus and His Gospel, but deeper into it.

On March 20th, 2016, Restored Church launched its first public Sunday morning gathering at PALS Youth Center in Northridge, CA. From the beginning, we have always emphasized that the church is not something we go to, but who we are. The church is not the building we gather in, but the family of God gathering together because of the reconciling blood of Jesus. Paul and Nicole Pham began leading the second Gospel Community after we launched the church in March and we continued to see the Spirit growing men and women in their love and devotion to Jesus and one another. Over the first year, we were able to celebrate a dozen baptisms and witness many more beautiful stories of lives changed by the grace of God.

As the second year of Restored Church approaches, we remain committed to enjoying Jesus together, making disciples, and praying for more churches to be planted in The Valley and into the Nations. Because we have a huge God, we have huge dreams for what He wants to do in us and through us. We are continually surprised at the way He uses us and cannot wait to see how He continues to do so to reach the nations for His glory.